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Violation of probation (VOP) in Florida is a very serious offense.  By acting contrary to a specific or general condition handed down by a judge at a sentencing or failing to comply with the terms of the probation can result in a revocation of the probation which could result in a number of severe penalties including significant jail time.  It is important to remember that there is no statute of limitations when it comes to the crimes committed during a probation violation in Florida; that is to say the law can prosecute alleged violator at any time after the alleged violation.

If you are concerned about your probation status in any way, the best step you can take is to contact the attorneys at Anabelle Dias & Associates, for a full consultation. The partners of the firm have years of experience in representing clients in relation to probation-related issues, and they are available 24 hours per day. You should also rest assured that the firm is willing to work with you in terms of putting together a manageable payment plan if finances are a concern.

What happens if I violate my probation?

If a person violates their probation they do not have a right to a trial before a jury, and the balance of the burden of proof shifts to be based on a preponderance of evidence.  Unlike other criminal cases where there must be compelling evidence that a person committed a crime, in a VOP hearing prosecuting attorneys only have to prove that a person probably committed a crime.  Furthermore, you can also be compelled to be a witness at your hearing.

Consequences of a violation of probation (VOP) in Florida.

The consequences of a violation of probation (VOP) can vary quite a bit.  If a person is found guilty of a VOP, a number of different things can occur:

  • Extension of probation:  Depending on the nature of the original probation terms and the type of violation a judge can elect to extend probation as they see fit
  • Revocation of probation: A judge can also revoke probation entirely and punish the person in different ways
  • Incarceration: A very common solution probation violation.

What can I do if I violated my probation in Florida?

The attorneys at the firm will help you understand all that is required of you, and the justice system will also be made aware that you've retained an attorney, which means that if there is a question regarding your conditions, the firm will not only be contacted but will also be involved from the start. This will only increase your chances of successfully handling your probation issues quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do not let fear, tight schedules or finances prevent you from protecting your rights and maintaining your freedom. You have been given a chance to show the court system that you can exist as a positive member of society, and you owe it to yourself to make sure that happens. Contact Anabelle Dias & Associates., today with any questions or concerns regarding Florida probation violations or regulations.