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Burglary and theft convictions can carry serious, life-changing consequences for those who are convicted of either of these charges in Florida. Although some of these crimes, in terms of the factual circumstances surrounding them, are non-violent in nature, courts in Florida generally do not treat them that way, and the sentencing guidelines are quite severe.

As a result, if you've been charged with either of these offenses, you need to act quickly to obtain the proper representation. Anabelle Dias & Associates, P.A., is a firm with years of experience in handling these issues for clients, and they offer an accommodating schedule as well as affordable payment plans so that rights do not go unenforced because of scheduling or financial concerns.

Types of burglary and theft charges in Florida:

Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a "white collar," or generally non-violent crime that is defined as the taking of another's money and property through abuse of an official job or position of trust. An example would be a CFO depositing money into a personal account from a business' assets for personal use.

Credit Card Fraud: Fraud is generally defined as intentionally lying in order to induce someone into relying on the lie to part with something of value. In regards to credit card fraud, this "lying" can occur either through personal contact where a victim's private information is revealed or even on the Internet, where a person's financial information can be stolen and put to use for the illegal purpose of using someone else's credit cards for personal gain.

Petty Larceny and Grand Larceny: Larceny is defined as the unlawful taking of the personal property of another without proper consent and with the intent to deprive the victim of the ownership or use thereof. Florida designates "petty larceny" as the taking of anything that is worth less than $300, and the taking of anything worth $300 or more as "grand" larceny. The difference is that grand larceny is a felony, carrying stiffer penalties.

Shoplifting: Although this may seem like a simple definition, it really is not. One does not even need to steal anything to commit retail theft under Florida law. A person commits retail theft simply by altering or removing a label, universal product code, or price tag, by transferring merchandise from one container to another or by removing a shopping cart, with intent to deprive the merchant of possession, use, benefit, or "full retail value" constitutes retail theft in Florida.

Property Theft: Property theft is a charge that basically encompasses any or all of the violations listed above that involves personal property. Florida law also classifies the severity of such an offense based on the value of the property tha is illegally taken. As stated, the taking of anything worth $300 or more is considered a felony. Likewise, the taking of anything worth $20,000 or more is considered a second-degree felony, and the taking of $100,000 or more is considered a first-degree felony, and the appropriate sentencing guidelines will apply with a conviction.

Possession of Stolen Property: Possession of stolen property is also a serious offense, and it is defined in Florida as any person who traffics in, or endeavors to traffic in, property that he or she knows or should know was stolen shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree.

Overall, any or all of these charges can have serious consequences. However, that is not a reason to wilt with fear if you have been arrested or charged with these offenses. You need to take the initial step of contacting Anabelle Dias P.A. in order to analyze your situation and begin the process of providing yourself with the skillful and vigorous defense that is your right under the law.