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Office: 850-422-3427     24/7:  850-528-2400    Fax: 786-347-7471
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Sealing and Expungements

The law regarding sealing criminal charges continues to change, and the Florida legislature continues to limit what charges may be sealed. In fact, several years ago it was possible to get certain charges sealed that today are prohibited from being sealed. As such, there may be a benefit in acting as soon as you are able, if you are considering sealing or expunging your prior criminal record. Moreover, one is only permitted to do this once in their life and they must not have any prior criminal convictions. Accordingly, it is best to inquire sooner than later because future conduct may prevent one from getting their record sealed or expunged.


If you have any questions regarding possibly sealing or expunging a prior criminal arrest do not wait any longer and call us at (850) 422-3427. We are available 7 days a week. You may also e-mail us at Anabellelaw@gmail.com or fill out our online form. We value your privacy and will keep any information strictly confidential.