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Office: 850-422-3427     24/7:  850-528-2400    Fax: 786-347-7471
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Anabelle Dias, Esq.
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I had been in a rough spot in life. Was severely injured and had my civil rights violated. I was referred to Anabelle's Law firm. She went above and beyond the call of duty, kept me inform and involved in my case. Thanks to her I got the money I deserved and was able to rebuild my life. I'm not independent, healthy and financially secure Thanks to Annabelle's work on my case.

Fantastic Lawyer

Anabelle has been the most wonderful lawyer I have ever dealt with. She has worked so hard on my sons case and got the best plea you could possibly get for especially with a minimum mandatory sentence. She definitly believes in our Lord Jesus. With her prayers and awsome knowledge, I am able to deal with my son being gone for a little over a year...Thank you is not a strong enough word to describe her work...

Awesome Lawyer

My son was looking at some time (I mean time) and he's 21 years old. Anabelle worked so hard and got him 18 months. Between Anabelle and the prosecutor (which I have no bad words to say about) I am a happy mother. Anabelle is not only your Attorney, she is your Friend also.

Anabelle is number 1 in my book.

Anabelle just handled our son's case. He was charged with three felonies. It was his first offense but there were extenuating circumstances. We were lucky to get a sympathetic judge but Anabelle went to bat for us. She understood the case and was able to prevent jail time and get a light sentence for our son who just made a poor judgement while attending FSU. I would definitely recommend Anabelle for all of you parents who have kids attending FSU because when they are away from home for the first time, they can get into some trouble.

Criminal Defense client
FSU student

Tis one thing to be brilliant, but an attorney who surrounds herself with brilliance is a fierce opponent to the ubiquitous and pervasive forces that are designed to imprison so many of our citizens. You cannot go wrong by hiring Anabelle Dias and her incredible staff. (full review: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/32301-fl-anabelle-dias-1249485/reviews.html?page=2)

Miraculous Defense Team

Outstanding lawyer wonderful person and very caring. Stays on top of the case and gets important information to you as soon as she gets it. Well organized office and a polite staff. Couldn't ask for better

Brent and Brittany
Anabelle is the best

Anabelle is by far the best lawyer. Our child is a A&M student that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He could have gone to prison for what turned out to be a 3 felony charges. Anabelle stood by and fought for him and we were blessed with no jail time. Praise God for such a dedicated and kind lawyer such a she.

Criminal Defense Client
Could Not Have Prayed For Better

I had gotten in abit of trouble before graduation and had the cops show up at my door. I didn't know what to do, My records clean and I dont even have a speeding ticket. Yet I was looking at charges for a misdemeanor, I realized I had to get legal help. So I searched for Tallahassee lawyers and called Anabelle. She heard me out and was on the case the next day. She was able to get my charges dropped and took care of everything. I can now continue on with my life and not have one drunken night define me forever. She's the best lawyer in Tallahassee and will work with you until the case is solved.

Save my future!

I contacted Ms. Dias regarding a legal issue with my son on a Sunday. Not only did she respond to me right away, but she showed GENUINE concern and care. I can't say enough good things about her legal talent, and passion for defending her clients. As soon as she accepted my son's case, I felt at ease. She resolved the case swiftly, and in such a way as to not cause a permanent strike against him. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a legal bind. She is the best. Signed Very happy, and relieved mom.

Anabelle Dias was a God sent!!

During my time at FSU as a broke college student I made a huge mistake and was pulled over for driving without insurance. The LEO detaining me found a minuscule amount of plant matter very commonly found on college campuses throughout America. I am 100% satisfied with the services provided by Anabelle's firm. She was very clear and straightforward with what he had to do, and what outcome we could expect from the procedures. I am very happy with Anabelle's service and would recommend her to anyone. Kind Regards, Kevin

Anabelle is fantastic.

I have used Annabelle for years for many different cases and I was always satisfied with the out come. Her and her team have always been very professional and handled every thing accordingly. I recommend her for any body needing a great lawyer

The Best

I was in a situation where I getting arrested and needed a lawyer on scene with me at 8 o'clock at Night on a busy Friday night. I was in handcuffs so I had a friend call Annabelle to come to the scene she was there in literally NO TIME in her pajamas. A short while after that her and her law firm was able to get my charges dismissed. Long story short she is a nice person. The whole firm is and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good and aggressive attorney.

Very nice and kind hearted

You won't find someone who cares more than Annabelle. She's creative and willing to do whatever she has to in order to provide her clients the best representstion. She's one of the toughest women I know who was there for me in a really hard time when no one seemed to want to help me.

Huge heart, an attorney who cares

I hired Annabelle and her team for a Misdemeanor Battery charge. Within the first docket sounding they had the charges dropped. There was never a time that I couldn't reach Annabelle, she always made herself abundantly available. She has been doing this for a long time and the result is not only confidence but her and her team appear to maintain a great relationship with the state which was invaluable. God forbid I find myself in a sticky situation in the future, but If I do then I know who to call.

Personable, reliable, and confident

Sad to say but I've been in trouble a few times. I've used public defenders and PA's. When I met Anabelle I knew she was the truth! Not only does she take pride in her craft, she takes pride in encouraging her clients or anyone by that matter to steer away from trouble. Not only is she my attorney I now consider her a good friend!

Best attorney I've encountered

How to Protect Your Rights

If you have been charged with one or more of the offenses above or any other criminal violation, you may also be concerned about the cost of any defense you hope to obtain. Much like the problems that you will face if you allow fear and stress to govern your decision-making process in relation to your situation, refusing to contact us because you do not think our services are affordable would also be a mistake.

Anabelle Dias P.A., is a firm with a history of providing every accommodation available to clients. The firm offers affordable services, manageable payment plans, flexible scheduling and 24-hour-per-day availability. We will meet with you at your convenience, even if that means that we need to come to you or meet with you on the weekends or at night so you do not have to juggle your schedule to provide yourself with the defense you deserve. We will even come to your home or meet with you somewhere else to save you time.

We will also make sure that your case is fully investigated from an objective point of view because it's vitally important to have all the information. We work with several private investigation firms, including 3rd Degree Investigations in Tallahassee.

All you have to lose by not contacting the firm is the possibility of providing yourself with the strongest defense to which you are entitled under Florida and Federal law. Contact the firm today to get the process of asserting your rights started.

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